If he will take the risk to be with you, who are you to tell him what to do with his life?
— Allegra, telling her daughter Sky to accept Jack's love.

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Allegra Van Alen Chase
Birth name: Allegra Elizabeth Van Alen
Birth date: August 24, 1969 (in New York)
  • Socialite
  • Farm owner
Status: Alive
Supernatural information
Species: Blue Blood - Archangel
Angelic name: Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted, the Virtuous, the Messenger, Archangel of the Light
Bond mate:
Past lives:
  • Meni (Egypt)
  • Junia Ternia (Rome)
  • Tomasia Fosari (Florence)
  • Rose Standish (Plymouth)
Human Familiars:
  • Stephen Bendix Chase †
  • Blond
  • Green
  • 5'7
Book Appearances
First seen: Blue Bloods (coma)
Last seen: Gates of Paradise
Allegra Van Alen is the current reincarnation of Gabrielle, the Uncorrupted, one of only two of our kind who was not cursed or fallen, but became a vampire by choice instead of sin. Allegra is Schuyler's natural mother and one of the most enigmatic characters in the Blue Bloods series. Born as Gabrielle the Uncorrupted, one of the seven archangels, she often led the Blue Bloods who were lost and led them in times of trouble.

Allegra succumbed to a self-imposed coma in 1995, three years following the birth of her half-human daughter, who was conceived from the illegal union with her husband/human familiar. 

Past Edit

Like many Blue Bloods of her generation, she began her education at the Duchesne School in Manhattan but transferred to Endicott Academy, a boarding school in Massachusetts, during her junior year. As a student, Allegra was known on campus as cheerful, spirited, and athletic; captain of the girls’ field hockey team and a natural-born leader. She made a stunning debut at the Four Hundred Ball on her eighteenth year, leading the cotillion with her brother, Charles. Town & Country christened her the “debutante of the decade.” 

Physical appearanceEdit

Allegra Van Alen Chase has been seen in a coma for the majority of the books but she has been described as average height, green eyes, tanned skin and blond hair as you can see in the picture. Her daughter Schuyler Van Alen is described to have the same heart shaped face and body shape as her.



Powers and abilitiesEdit




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