The Beauchamp Grimoire is the spellbook of the Beauchamp family. It contains a handful of spells, potion recipies and information about witchcraft. The Grimoire used to be hidden inside a magic trunk which was itself hidden behind a secret compartment inside the breakfront of the Beauchamp Manor - but now that Ingrid and Freya are aware of their magical birthright, it is no longer hidden. 


The Beauchamp Grimoire is a large spellbook about the size of a dictionary, bound in dark leather and whose front cover features a golden pentacle surrounded by an antique border and a brass lock.


  • In Today I am a Witch, Joanna destroyed the Grimoire by telekenically throwing it into the fireplace in order to keep the girls away from magic. Later, she restored the book by casting a spell with the ashes from the fireplace.