The Beauchamp family is the reigning family line in Asgard, a mystical dimension where Witches were born in. However, the family is now divided after a rebellion occured in Asgard four hundred years ago. Their family crest is the Tree of Life.


Rebellion in AsgardEdit

On EarthEdit




The five women of the Beauchamp family: Joanna (the Dagger), Wendy (the Bridge), Freya (the Traveller), Ingrid (the Key) and a mysterious Gatherer.

The Beauchamps are among the most powerful family of Witches who originated from Asgard, and Joanna and her daughter Ingrid are often said to be the two most gifted of them all. In a tome of sorcery called Occult History of Sorcery, which was found by Ingrid Beauchamp and Frank Foster, the five Beauchamp women are described as follows: Joanna is "the Dagger", Wendy is "the Bridge", Freya is "the Traveller" and Ingrid is "the Key". Joanna and Wendy's other sister is called "the Gatherer".

When Athena Browning set her revenge on Joanna Beauchamp for the murder of her father, Archibald Browning, she had to steal both her sons' magic powers and Freya's magic to equal Joanna's level, which shows how strong Joanna is. Many have stated that Joanna was very powerful, among which Wendy, Tarkoff, and indirectly the King himself, as he sees Joanna as a threat to his plans. Isis Zurka was even willing to attack any of the Beauchamps but Joanna, as she was extremely scared of her. 


  • Although it is written "La Cueillette" in French, which is translated to "the Gathering", it seems more logical to call the fifth woman "the Gatherer".
    • This woman is later revealed to be Joanna and Wendy's sister.

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