Breakout is the prologue of Wolf Pact, the Blue Bloods spin-off novel from Melissa de la Cruz.


Lawson has been a slave for as long as he can remember ; a slave to the collar he wears, a slave to Romulus's will, a slave to Lucifer's dark plans. The young Wolf has always lived in the fear of his eighteenth birthday, where he would be turned into an Hound of Hell, a mindless and cruel beast, an abomination. But of course, his only wish was to free himself from his chains, and save his brothers and sisters as well.
He had always been intrusted in taking Romulus' place one day ; he was strong, fast, fierceful and determined ; the Masters were placing great confidence in him. And even though his emotions were his weak point, turning him would only erase this weakness, and he would become what everyone wanted him to be : a great force of destruction among Hell's army.
But Lawson knew he would never let himself be a monster. He had finally found a plan to escape from Hell. With Marrok's help and support and with the archangel's sword, he would be able to free his friends and himself from their masters. And one night, that was it ; they tried to leave. But by saving Tala, this weak young she-Wolf, he slowed down their pace, and the Masters caught them up. Only Ahramin's sacrifice allowed Lawson and four of his friends to escape, leaving most of his den in Hell when they crossed the portals of Time.
And when they fell on Earth's ground, they realised they had become humans...


Note : a character appearing in bold means he appears for the first time in the current novel.

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"Regardless of your performance in the arena, they tell me you are the One. That once you've shed the Wolf skin for hellhound form, you will be a mighty warrior, one of the strongest Hell has ever known. The Dark Prince himself has seen it. Lucifer has entreated me to make you my heir. We shall not wait until your eighteenth moon to make you one of us."
— Romulus, to Lawson.


  • The downfall of the Angelic power of the Gates of Hell is once again mentioned, but not explained.
  • Lawson is hinted to be "special" twice - once by Romulus and once by Marrok.

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