All the children of the right families are members!
— BobiAnne to Bliss about entering the Commitee.

The Committee, or the New York Blood Bank as known by the mortals, is the Blue Blood shorthand for the vast number of charitable causes, educational institutions and foundations that are run by the Coven membership. The Commitee has been responsible for the preservation of some of New York's most important landmarks and has funded many of the city's most prestigious cultural institutions.


The Committe members are called Wardens, and all the Blue Blood families from the North American coven are invited to join in. Invitations are issued at age fifteen, when the Transformation begins.


  • Under Lawrence Van Alen's short tenure as Regis, human Conduits were officially able to join the Committee and be members, equal to the Blue Blood Wardens. But it was revoked by Forsyth Llewellyn when Lawrence died.

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