They are the Devil in disguise, the Devil that walks among us. They are everywhere .
— Cordelia about the Croatan threat.

Cordelia Van Alen
Birth name: Cordelia Edith Benjamin
Birth date: August 12, 1841 (New York)
  • Singer (in her youth)
  • New York socialite
Status: Expired in this cycle
Death: Attacked by Bliss Llewellyn
Supernatural information
Species: Blue Bloods
Angelic name: Seraphiel, Angel of Song
Bond mate: Metatron
Past lives:
  • Julia Caesaris (Rome)
  • Isabella Arosto (Florence)
  • Catherine Carver (Plymouth)
Book Appearances
Cordelia Van Alen is a character appearing in the first cycle of the Blue Bloods series. Born in 1841, she had asked for many postponment of her Expiration, firstly in order to birth the Uncorrupted, Allegra and Charles, and then to watch over Schuyler Van Alen, her grand-daughter, while Allegra was in a coma. After she bonded to Lawrence Van Alen, she stayed in New York while he was on exile, looking for clues about the Van Alen Legacy, both being convinced that Silver Bloods were hiding.




Powers and abilitiesEdit




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