Divination is the ability to see events that have happened or that are happening, and to predict to some extent events that will happen in the future. It is a gift possessed by witches with a highly developed sixth sense, such as Freya Beauchamp or her aunt, Wendy Beauchamp.

There are different forms and ways of using this power, such as dealing the deck, having visions, etc.

Forms of divinationEdit


In 1906, Freya was seen using her gift to read palms at her bar in San Francisco. Alex, another witch from Asgard, is considered an excellent seer; in the seventies, she was able to read Freya's destiny with exact clarity and pinpoint her starcrossed romance with Bobby


Cartomancy is a form of fortune-telling or divination using a deck of cards, and especially tarot. Wendy stated that Tarot Cards prefer to be read at night when the moon is up, but witches as skilled as Joanna can seemingly read them with ease during the day.


Hydromancy is the ability to gain insight using any form of water, such a pond, a river, a glass of water, etc. Penelope Gardiner was shown to be very gited at it, to the point of being able to materialize a rock and throw it at the place she was spying on.


Some witches are able to get clear visions in order to see future events or gain insight and knowledge. A clear vision usually occurs naturally when the witch is awake, or channeled through a spell. When a witch uses this power, their eyes turn completely white while they watch a future event unfold in their mind.


Oniromancy, or the ability to have visions in one's sleep, is a form of precognition that only gives cryptic details of the future, and unlike visions, not a realistic depiction of what is to come. When Joanna had spelled Freya and Ingrid not to discover about their gifts, Freya would often get these vivid dreams of the future, a sign that her strong power of premonition was trying to get free from Joanna's spell.


  • Ingrid Beauchamp seems to be the only member of her family not to have a developed sixth sense, as she was only seen having a vision in her sleep once.
    • Strangely, in the Witches of East End books, Ingrid is the one to have the sight in the family; she can read auras and can look at someone's future more than anyone else.