When their lips met, and their tongues touched, it was like they were kissing in a hundred different places, and her senses were flooded with new sensations and old memories. He kissed her, and their souls melted into each other in a melody older than time.
— Bliss and Dylan kiss for the first time...

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Dylan Ward
Birth name: Dylan Eliott Ward
Birth date: May 5, 1992
(Greenwich, Connecticut)
Occupation: Student
Status: Finished
Death: Stabbed by Lawrence Van Alen
Supernatural information
Species: Blue Blood
Angelic name: Xathaneal, the Hidden One
Bond mate: Azazel (never completed)
Past lives:
  • Paolo Ghiberti (Florence)
  • William Bradford (Plymouth)
  • Alfred, Lord Burlington (Newport)
Book Appearances
First seen: Blue Bloods
Last seen: The Van Alen Legacy (spirit)
Dylan Ward is a secondary character who had a significant role in the first four books of the first cycle of the Blue Bloods series. Born to unknown parents in this cycle, as they chose to live off-coven, he had arrived in Duchesne recently when began Blue Bloods. In this cycle, he was drawn to Bliss Llewellyn, and his attraction was mutual.




Mischievous, loyal, rebellious and sarcastic. His bad boy reputation was well known however with Bliss he seemed to shed a few layers exposing the weakness beneath.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Bliss Llewellyn-

The two meet in the 1st book and instantly hit it off at The Bank the night Aggie died. Their destructive relationship leads Dylan eventually to his demise, Bliss' Silverblood status meant that she eventually caused him to fall into insanity. Neither had an official bond mate however it would appear they were destined from meeting. Following Dylan's death it would seem Bliss never recovered.


Powers and ability's are presumed to be that of any other Blue Blood


  • Despite having no bondmate, it seems that in every cycle, he fell in love for Azazel, the Darkling, Bliss' angel spirit, which in a sense was fatal to him.

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