For Whom the Spell Tolls is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It aired on October 5, 2014 as part of the two-hour long season finale.


TWO-PART FINALE – With Joanna held under Tarkoff’s spell, it’s up to Wendy and Freya to save her and find a way out of the past now that the portal has closed. Ingrid is still being held captive by Nikolaus and is horrified when she learns the real reason for wanting his family back together. Frederick may be her only hope, but she still isn’t sure where his true allegiances lie. They’ll need to work together and pull all available resources, including Dash, to help Joanna and the others return home and kill Nikolaus once and for all. Meanwhile, Dash has worries of his own as Raven closes in on finding Kyle Hutton’s killer.



Ingrid wakes up in a trap laid down by her grandfather. The previous night, he tortured her, which caused the slightly hoarse voice she finds herself with; he does, however, insist that he took it easy on her, much easier than how he dealt with Frederick. The king also mentions that he's known about Ingrid's pregnancy ever since he arrived - it turns out that he knew about it even before she did, as she's stunned at the news. Freya letting off some witches of east endsteam about the lack of technology in the 1800s causes Wendy to have an idea about how to reach Joanna, while Joanna and the crazy snake eyes she has from the heroin are forced to hear Tarkoff waxing nostalgic about their interactions as teenagers. When she protests against the idea of being with him, he injects her with more heroin, telling her that this would keep her mind calm and that he would be able to have her that night after centuries of waiting on her.

Raven's colleague informs her that the black goo found on the floater matches the goo found in Dash's fireplace. Fortunately for her, Dash calls and asks her to come over, which might give her a chance to further explore the idea of him being responsible for the murders. Wendy and Freya pay off a man in the bar to pass a message on to someone, while Joanna realizes that the room she's in isn't her bedroom - it's a reasonable facsimile in a building not far from the bar, made by Tarkoff to ease her into the idea of being with him. As Tarkoff goes to find a dealer, since he ran out of heroin to give Joanna, Ingrid learns that her grandfather's purpose in East End is to take the powers back from the family - powers that he insists weren't meant for them to have. The previous night, he took Ingrid's and when she tries to use her power, Frederick sneaks up behind the king with a dagger, in hopes of being the one to kill him and save the family. It doesn't work out so well, though, as the king uses his newly enhanced power to make Frederick stab himself before leaving. Meanwhile, over at the Gardiner estate, Dash again tries to steer Raven into one of their sex games, only for her to deny taking the journals, produce a search warrant, and inform him that there are five federal agents waiting outside his door.

Frederick wakes up and heals himself, though there's still the whole matter of needing the journals to bring down the king, which means that the two will have to go to Fair Haven. Once they get there, Ingrid's disappointed in Dash for reading the journals, but all hope isn't lost. Frederick can do a mind spell and extract the right information to help their cause. Before it begins, Dash confesses to everything with Raven and promises to protect Ingrid from any coming legal onslaught; the spell itself consists of Dash sitting in front of Frederick and Frederick placing his hands on Dash's head, with the information he retrieves coming through his arms, into his brain, and out his mouth. Ingrid's job is to translate what she hears and get Frederick's attention when he crosses the right subject matter, which takes a while but eventually happens. The requirements? The dagger, the traveler, the bridge, and the key - aka the four Beauchamp women.

Just then, the man Wendy and Freya paid to pass a message along knocks on the door and gives Ingrid the message he had held on to for the past 160 years. Back in Baltimore, Wendy turns into a cat with the intent of sniffing Joanna out; the plan is for Freya to meet them in the alley by the time door, with the thinking being that she'll be most protected this way. While trying to sneak out, though, Freya notices Tarkoff buying heroin and she ends up following him, Poe nipping at her heels. Wendy locates where Joanna is being held and finds herself able to sneak into the room since Tarkoff cannot read animal minds. She hits him with a log and injects him with heroin before destroying the talisman that was holding Joanna to the bed and running for the alley to meet Freya. Freya, though, is already feeling the effects of being in the past, as she begins bleeding out and urges Poe to go on without her; she doesn't want him to see her this way and as the two are about to part, she assures him that she'll see him again in another life and that their love is something that will continue on for centuries to come.

Freya makes it to the alley where the door is supposed to be and warns her approaching mother and aunt of Tarkoff being on their tail. After Ingrid opens the new time door, Joanna throws a wagon in front of him and the women are able to make it back to East End in one piece, Tarkoff not being quite as lucky. Except for the fact that Joanna dropped the box in the scramble to the door, thereby defeating the entire purpose of them being in Baltimore in the first place. But the Beauchamp victory isn't quite as satisfying as what it could've been, not when the king kidnaps Wendy and places her in a similar trap to what Ingrid was in earlier. He taunts his least favorite child, comparing her to a cat with how her affection is never genuine and informing her that he made her infertile to spare children the horror of having her as a mother. Once she insults him back, he smacks her and begins preparing the first round of torture.

However, Ingrid informs Joanna and Freya of the spell she found and the trio quickly find Wendy and do chanting related to their position in the family - Ingrid being the key, Freya the traveler, and Joanna the dagger. They're not able to penetrate the circle Wendy finds herself in, thereby unable to hurt the king with their magic, but Joanna moves breaks her sister out of the prison and the four pelt the king with their magic. Though he begs for his life, they don't stop until his soul has been vanquished. Freya and Ingrid then go to check on Killian, who they find dead in his bed. As she hears about his motivations for taking the poison from Ingrid, Freya kisses Killian and brings him back to life; the two, expectedly, begin pawing at each other, but that joy is short-lived when Ingrid receives a call that Dash had been arrested for murder thanks to the DNA match, his obvious motive, and the information pulled from his ISP. Back at the house, Joanna tries to call Frederick, who wasn't allowed to participate in the spell because of how dangerous it would be for him. Unfortunately, while his other family members were fighting for one of their own, someone broke into his place and stabbed him to death, writing "Death To Witches" in his blood beside him.

Wendy apologizes to Tommy's dead body for altering his fate and getting him as mixed up in this as he was. To make amends, she sacrifices herself for him and gives him her one remaining life. Joanna sees the end result, including Wendy's now-black necklace, and mourns for her sister with Tommy, while Killian does end up visiting Dash in jail. He feels like he's already won since he came back to life and possesses everything he ever wanted, so he doesn't think he can be angry at Dash anymore. Dash, though, needs his help and reaches out to grab his brother by the shirt; after doing some chanting, Dash gets himself and Killian to switch souls, thereby forcing Killian to go through the legal system while locked away in a tiny cell. Dash gets the freedom, the girl, and the life that he wouldn't have had had he stayed in the cell and done his time, and when he goes out to the waiting room after leaping into Killian's body, he's able to fool Freya.

While Ingrid confirms her pregnancy, Wendy wakes up in hell, where she reunites with her sister Helena.

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  • The episode was fist titled "The Gathering", which coincided with the alias of the mysterious fifth woman of the Beauchamp family, "La Cueillette", who is Joanna and Wendy's other sister.
    • However, it was later changed to "For Whom the Spell Tolls", and is a reference to Ernest Hemingway's novel For Whom the Bell Tolls.
    • Both title alludes to the death of three members of the Beauchamp family: Nikolaus, Wendy and Frederick.
  • The episode aired exactly one year after the Pilot was first aired.

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