This article is about Freddie Beauchamp, the character from Melissa de la Cruz's novels.
You were maybe looking for the character from the TV series; see Frederick Beauchamp.

Freddie Beauchamp, or Fryr of the Vanir, is one of the main characters in Melissa de la Cruz' Beauchamp Family series. He was Joanna Beauchamp's beloved golden son before he was taken away from her, accused of having destroyed the Bofrir bridge with his friend Loki - a crime that shifted the history of his entire race and for which he paid dearly.

When he comes back from Limbo, after thousands of years of imprisonment, Freddie must rally the help of his twin sister Freya to find proofs of the real culprit's identity - and his eyes are set on Baldr... who is none other than Freya's soulmate...

Physical appearanceEdit


The Old DaysEdit

Destruction of the Bofrir bridgeEdit

Millenias in LimboEdit

Quest for revengeEdit

Crumbling love lifeEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Basic abilitiesEdit

As one the Vanirs from Norse myths, Freddie is able to perfom many magical feats, and casting spells, flying or levitating are among his numerous abilities. He is also able to use the Glom, a parallel dimension that only supernatural beings can access.

Power over fireEdit




  • With Joanna:

  • With Freya:

  • With Ingrid:

  • With Norman:


  • With Hillary Liman:

  • With Gert Liman:

  • With Kristy Hannagan:


  • With Loki:

  • With Balder:

  • With the pixies:

  • With Thor:

  • With Odin:




Beauchamp Family series
Diary of the White Witch
Witches of East End
Serpent's Kiss
Winds of Salem

Television seriesEdit

In the television series adapted from Melissa de la Cruz's novels, Witches of East End, Frederick Beauchamp is played by British actor Christian Cooke. He was announced on May 8, 2014. Just like in the novels, his character made a cameo at the end of the first season, and the actor first appeared in the first episode of the second season, which premiered on July 6, 2014.


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