A ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person who can appear in a visible manifestation to the living.

When a person dies, their spirit/soul is sent to the afterlife, an alternate world where they can rest in peace. No spirit is able to cross back to the world of the living unless the paths between the worlds are open. If this criterion is met, a ghost can cross back in the world of the living and appear physically to magical beings, such as Witches.


Ghosts can only be conjured by Witches when they open the path between their worlds. Once summoned, the ghost can remain until the sunrise that takes place right after a full moon in the world of the living ; if he was to stay past it, he would be stuck on this plane forever, never being able to move on.

When a ghost is conjured, the first time they see their reflection in a mirror or any reflective surface, they will see a physical manifestion of their death - a requirement for the Ghost to process their reality. Though Witches can help ghosts move on and help them cross over to the afterlife, they cannot force them into doing so.

Relationship to the world of the livingEdit

When a Ghost is conjured by a Witch, it will become an apparition made of pure energy, able to touch and communicate like a regular living person, but only able to interact with Witches. Humans, as in living beings, cannot see ghosts nor can they communicate with them.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ghosts cannot physically hurt anyone on their own, as they are not physical beings. However they can, to some extent, manipulate the electricity that flows in things of the realm of the living - being able to switch lights, create interferences, or generate high amount of voltage, use powerful magic and shapeshift.


  • A spirit can only be conjured once after his life; once he has gone back to the afterlife, he will remain trapped there forever.

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