Jack Force
Birth name: Benjamin Hamilton Force
Birth date: June 7, 1991 (New York)
Home: New York City
Status: Deceased (revived)
Death: Stabbed by Danel
Supernatural information
Species: Blue Bloods
Angelic name: Abbadon, Angel of Destruction
Bond mate: Azrael (broken)
Schuyler Van Alen
Past lives:
  • Valerius (Rome)
  • Louis d'Orleans (Versailles)
  • William White (Plymouth)
  • Henry Searle (Newport)
  • 5'9
Book Appearances
First seen: Blue Bloods
Last seen: Gates of Paradise
I have never given this ring, my soul, to anyone. Azrael has never had any part in this. This is the only part of myself that is truly mine, and now it is yours.
— Jack's engagement vow to Schuyler.

Benjamin "Jack" Hamilton Force is one of the main characters in the first cycle of the Blue Bloods series. He was cast from Heaven known as Abbadon; The Angel of Destruction, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse. In this cycle he was born to Charles Van Alen Force (Micheal, Pure of Heart, Prince of Angels, Supreme Commander of the Lords Armies, Archangel of the Light) and Trinity Burden Force (Sandalphon, Angel of Silence). He is the twin brother of Madeline "Mimi" Force (Azrael, Angel of Death, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse), who is also his bondmate. He broke their bond to be with his true love, the half blood; Schuyler Van Alen.


Standing at 6'2", Jack has blonde hair and green emerald-like eyes. Supposedly, Force is blessed with extremely chiseled roman features and has "super model-like" good looks.


Past livesEdit


The Angel of Destruction who served as God's Judgement in Heaven. He sided with Lucifer thinking that he could win Gabrielle's affection if he served the Morning Star. Later, he changed after seeing the error of his ways and sided with Michael and Gabrielle to avoid eternal damnation. As a previous general of Lucifer's army he played a major role in his defeat and decimated Lucifer's army in the battlefield.


During the Fall of Rome, Abbadon reincarnated himself as Valerius, Agrippina's husband. Apparently, due to his good looks he was sought after by many women but evidently Agrippina won him in the end. It was also in this time period where he fought Lucifer in the form of Caligula and hunted many of the Silver Bloods together with Agrippina.

Louis D'Orleans

Abbadon's incarnation during the 1600's in France. He was married to Elisabeth de Lorraine-Lillebonne.

William White

Abbadon's incarnation during the creation of the American Settlement which would soon became the New York Branch Coven. He was married to Sussanah Fuller.


Jack Force is a natural leader and is described by others as funny and charming, always with a book in his hand.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Mimi Force

Born as twins into every cycle to seal their fate as bond-mates, as Abbadon and Azrael, which he renounced to be with Schuyler.

Schuyler Van Alen (Force)

Known to be his bond-mate, the one true love of his life other than Azrael and Gabrielle. The mother of his children, and the woman he pledged to love forever.



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