Lawrence Van Alen
Birth name: Lawrence Theodore Winslow
Van Alen
  • University teacher
  • Writer
  • Regis of the Coven
Status: Finished
Death: Stabbed by the Leviathan
Supernatural information
Species: Blue Blood (Enmortal)
Angelic name: Metatron, Heavenly Scribe
Bond mate: Seraphiel
Past lives:
  • Gnaeus Magnus Pompey (Rome)
  • Ludivivo Arosto (Florence)
  • John Carver (Plymouth)
Book Appearances
First seen: Masquerade
Last seen: Revelations
Lawrence Van Alen is a character of the first cycle of the Blue Bloods series. As a Blue Blood Enmortal, he bounded to Cordelia Benjamin in 1859 just before going into a self-imposed exile in Venice in 1872, still convinced that the Coven was infiltrated by Silver Blood traitors. While his mate was preparing to give birth to the Uncorrupted in her cycle in New York, he was searching for clues on the Van Alen Legacy and the Paths of the Dead. He is considered the father of Allegra Van Alen and Charles Force, as well as grandfather of Schuyler Van Alen.


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