What were you thinking, Ingrid? If you resurrect someone you love, then someone you love has to die!
— Wendy, warning her niece of the consequences.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. is the second episode from the first season of Lifetime's Witches of East End, inspired from Melissa de la Cruz's novels. It made its debut on October 13, 2013 on Lifetime and was watched by 1,93 million viewers.


THE MAGIC GOES ON — Ingrid discovers mysterious and dangerous family heirlooms that she uses to resurrect her Aunt Wendy. Together, they race to save Freya from Doug, her jilted ex-boyfriend from another lifetime. Joanna is jailed and questioned by the police regarding her murder charge. Dash and Killian have a tense reunion.



Ingrid is standing in front of the cupboard and finds the secret space her mom told her about. In it is a big old chest which she places on the table. She tries to open it, but it won't move. She says 'abracadabra', but that doesn't work either. Just when she's about to lose hope the chest opens when she says the word 'open'. Ingrid gasps and slowly lifts the lid of the chest. Inside there's a lot of papers, items and old pictures of her and Freya in different time periods. She uncovers her mothers grimoire and starts to search for a spell to save her sister.

Inside the painting Freya is still calling for help, but no one responds to her as if they don't know she's there. The red man is there too and calls for her name, following her whichever way she goes. She runs to the door and opens it, but behind it is a brick wall and she realizes she can't get out.

Joanna is at the police station. They're taking pictures, fingerprints and Detective Noble is the one interrogating her. He's scribbling on a paper and telling what happened the night before in the park. According to the woman's confession, which he found very convincing. He then shows her what he's been drawing. It's the symbol in the sand and he wants to know if Joanna knows what it means. She responds she doesn't. Detective Noble tries to get more information by threatening with the evidence against her. But Joanna only asks for a cigarette.

Ingrid is hastily scanning all the pages in the grimoire. She spots a resurrection spell and gets an idea. She walks to the kitchen and sees the dead body of a black cat between a pile of clothes; aunt Wendy. She decides to bring her aunt back.

Back inside the painting Freya is scared and in panic. The man has captured her and he laughs hysterically at her ignorance. She tries to chant herself out of it, but the man starts laughing again and explains to her it won't work. Otherwise he wouldn't have been stuck in the desert for so long. He gets more angry at her lack of remembering. He tells her he loved her and he never meant to hit her. He wanted her to listen and all he ever desired was being married to her, but she turned out to be a vindictive little witch. She begs him not to stab her. He says he's not going to, because that knife is the only way out of there.

At the police station Detective Noble hands Joanna a pack of cigarettes. She thanks him and when he turns around she lits a match and whispers a chant over it. She then lights her cigarette and blows out the smoke showing her a perfect pentacle. 'Oh, she is alive', she sighs out loud. Detective Noble hears it and wants to know who. Joanna quickly redeems herself and explains she's glad Mara Thatcher's alive and that she would like to call her lawyer now.

Inside the Beauchamp-home the cat is alive and running out of the kitchen. Ingrid follows her into the bathroom where a naked Wendy is hanging with her head above the toilet, feeling incredibly nauseous. She scolds Ingrid for bringing her back to life, but Ingrid doesn't understand why she's not happy. Wendy tells her there's consequences with spells like that and that she would be coming back to life anyway thanks to her own curse. Quickly adding they can talk about that later. She wants to know whether Joanna rescued Freya and Ingrid anxiously tells her she got arrested for murder and taken away by the police. Wendy hastily starts getting her clothes on and Ingrid follows her stating she doesn't understand any of this. Her aunt says there's just always consequences with a spell that big. And complains again about Joanna not telling them anything. She goes on to say, 'if you resurrect someone you love, someone you love has to die.' Ingrid gets more worried about Freya and the two quickly head to the Bent Elbow bar.

Freya is still inside the painting talking to her ex-lover. He wants her to burn just like he did in the desert for all those years. He pours liquor over the bar and he then ties Freya to it with a rope. She can't move her hands. He laughs at how weak this version of Freya is and tries to kiss her, but she bites his lip. He throws a lighter on the bar and it catches fire. Freya starts screaming, while the man begins to carve his way out through the wall with his knife.

Killian is still at the Bent Elbow bar and asks one of the waiters if he's seen Freya, but he hasn't. Killian shrugs his shoulders and arranges the balls on the pool table. Dash turns up. 'What are you doing here?', he demands. Killian answers curtly followed by an awkward silence. Dash tells him he shouldn't punish his mom when he should be mad at him. Killian denies, but Dash continues he's been mad at him since birth. He wants to know why his brother's back in town, but Killian twists around the subject and leaves the bar. Dash stops a waitress to ask where Freya is, but she also hasn't seen her.

Aunt Wendy and Ingrid are in the car and Ingrid is asking questions again. Completely baffled by all the events of the last few hours. Wendy tries to explain to her it's part of their curse to die and be reborn again. Freya is chased by one of her ex-lovers from a past life. She concludes that all of the women in their family seem to have a bad taste in men. It's not part of the curse. 'We're just really stupid that way', she sighs. Ingrid does her best to take it all in while driving the car.

Joanna is in the interrogation room when her lawyer walks in. 'Harrison!', she says relieved. They give each other a hug. They have small talk for a while and it becomes clear he's immortal as well, but doesn't seem to have special powers. She hasn't seen Harrison in 50 years and she's surprised to see he hasn't changed a bit. He compliments her on her looks too. She confesses to him someone is trying to kill her and frame her for murder. She needs his help, because her girls are in danger.

Freya is still stuck to the bar and the fire crawls closer to her. She screams and some of the wineglasses next to her burst into pieces. She looks at the rope around her hands and it untangles, releasing her hands and body. She creeps up on the red man and hits him with a statue. She grabs his knife and continues to carve the wall.

Harrison visits Joanna again in her cell and brings her the good news. She's going to be out very soon. He got her bail on a murder charge. He says that even though he doesn't have magic he does know a few people who have. They dig up dirt for him. Joanna is not happy to hear it and claims she is innocent and doesn't need shady dealings to get out of jail. Harrison then throws in the bad news, her bail is set on 1 million dollars.

In the Bent Elbow bar Freya lies unconscious on the ground of the bathroom. There's smoke and fire surrounding her. A man comes and picks her up. He lays her down on the pool table and kisses her. She opens her eyes and sees Killian. He smiles at her. 'It's you', she blushes. They kiss each other again. She opens her eyes and all of a sudden he is Dash. She sits up and he wonders what happened to her. She doesn't remember and believes it was all a bad dream. She looks a bit out of it, but is still very impressed Dash saved her from fire. They kiss.

Behind them Wendy and Ingrid run by and into the bathroom. They see the picture, but Wendy is not feeling well, explaining the resurrection spell makes her feel woozy. She can't control when she turns into a cat and soon after Wendy has turned into her animal form. Ingrid panics, but pulls herself together and chants in front of the picture with a candle in her hands. The picture moves. But luckily, Freya then walks in the bathroom and asks what she's doing. Ingrid is shocked to see her out of the painting. And Freya is even more surprised to hear she knows about her dream. Ingrid tries to explain, but they have to get out of there immediately. Their mom's in trouble. After they leave, the picture is still moving and a hand pops out of it. Freya's ex-lover has escaped.

Joanna gives Harrison a note for the girls through the bars of her cell. They will understand when they hear it. Harrison is a bit offended she doesn't trust him enough to tell him where her money is. But considering their history she feels he should understand. He's the only who would believe she is innocent. He's the only lawyer who knows who she truly is.

Ingrid and Freya are in the car together. 'We're witches', says Ingrid, barely believing it herself. Freya is shocked. There's a curse involved as well, and the black cat is not just a cat, but in fact their aunt Wendy. Not to forget, their mom is arrested for murder. Freya's first reaction is being pissed at her mother for not telling the truth. At that point Wendy turns back into a human. The girls jump up. She says Joanna did not kill anyone, it was a shifter. She saw her herself when the shifter stabbed her that afternoon in the kitchen. She also made herself look like their mom when she tried to kill that couple leaving Mara as a witness. Freya wonders how Wendy's alive when she's gotten stabbed. Ingrid attempts to confess she did a resurrection spell, but Wendy cuts her off saying it's part of her own curse. Ingrid then hears the voice-mail Harrison left her at her mobile phone. He said they need to come up with bail and that the money is with aunt Marilyn. Ingrid and Freya are confused, but Wendy smiles and knows what it means.

On the docks Killian and Dash have another awkward run-in. Dash is visiting his brother at his boat and he attempts to offer him a high number of money with the intention that he'll leave with it. Killian rejects the offer and Dash gets verbally abusive saying it's hard for him not to rip him apart with his bare hands. Killian stays calm and tells him it's a mutual feeling. Annoyed, Dash walks away.

A girl, talking on the phone, leaves her work on her way to the car when Freya's ex-lover grabs her from behind. Half of his face is burned badly by the flames. He stabs her in the stomach and shoves her in the trunk. Calling the shifter on the girl's phone. 'Don't worry I'm still gonna kill her', he says angry. Stealing the car to go after Freya.

Wendy, Ingrid and Freya are at a graveyard digging up a grave. It's aunt Marilyn's grave and Wendy thinks Joanna has created aunt Marilyn and buried the money in her coffin so that if they ever needed it she knew they would find it. They're discussing being witches and the good and bad that comes with it. Freya is acceptive of her heritage and is mad at her mom for lying to her even though she felt it all along. She asks questions about their past lives which their aunt happily answers. Ingrid, on the other hand, is not at all happy about it and Wendy tries to make her more positive, but also wonders why she is so scared in this life. She didn't use to be. Suddenly Freya slams the coffin with her shovel. They wipe off the sand and open it with crow bars. Inside is a buck load of money. Gleefully they throw the bills in the air. During that scene, the shifter performs a spell and sees what they're up to in the reflection of the water. She becomes more malicious at the sight of them dancing and throwing money up in the air.

Back home Joanna, bailed out of jail, just came downstairs after taking a shower. Everyone is sitting at the kitchen-table and Joanna starts to explain herself. She didn't want anyone involved and she's so sorry Freya got stuck in the painting. Ingrid asks questions, but Freya remains silent. Joanna and Wendy instruct them to keep their true identity a secret from everyone. Freya is reluctant to agree. She doesn't want to lie to everyone in her life and she expresses her anger towards her mother for lying to her. Joanna tries to explain her actions, but Freya says she can never forgive her mother for putting her in therapy, letting her think she was crazy when all this time she was right. Livid, Freya leaves the house. Wendy tries to be positive about the situation, but Joanna doesn't think this will be fixed any time soon.

Freya goes to Killian's boat. He's watching the sky when she walks up. He wonders why she's not with Dash, her fiancé. She tells him Dash is going to make everything alright, but she doesn't want to be alright. She wants to swallow in her sorrows and she thinks he's quite experienced at that. He asks what is wrong, but she just says it's family-problems. Killian sighs he knows all about that. They talk a bit and conclude that she shouldn't be there. Freya lays down. She doesn't want to talk anymore. She wants to just hang on his boat and look up to the sky.

Ingrid is reading in the grimoire. It's late night and Wendy advises her to go to bed, but Ingrid says she's scared about the spells she did. Now someone she loves is going to die and there's way more of them than she thought. Her aunt tries to calm her telling her it could take a week or even a few months before it happens. But it's not really helping Ingrid. She asks why aunt Wendy doesn't want her mom to know. 'It wouldn't change anything and she has a lot on her mind right now', she says, admitting that she is also scared that Joanna gets mad at her again after not having been on speaking terms with her for more than a century. Ingrid is still scared and tears up. She wishes the things would go back to the way they were. Joanna, unaware, joins in the room and hugs Ingrid, trying to comfort her. Ingrid mentions how everything looks different now, even the painting on the wall. Joanna laughs and agrees that the painting actually is different, because Doug (Freya's ex) isn't in it anymore. She asks Ingrid what happened to the other painting at the bar. They realize they're not sure if the picture was destroyed or not and quickly head to the bar to check up on it.

Freya sees her moms calling her and says goodbye to Killian. She leaves the boat before they know what she's been up to.

At the Bent Elbow Joanna still tries to call Freya, but she hasn't answered yet. She goes straight to the restroom followed by Ingrid and Wendy.

Freya arrives home, but no one's there. She hears water dripping in the kitchen and goes upstairs to see what's leaking. The water's running in the bathtub and pours over the edges. She wants to close the tap, but Doug grabs her from behind and pushes her in the tub pressing her underwater. When she's unconscious he lights a candle and chants a spell. The water freezes with Freya inside it. Joanna comes in running and screams Freya's name. Doug drops his candle, breaking the spell again and attacks her. They struggle for a bit and Ingrid and Wendy come to the rescue. Ingrid runs over to Freya and lifts her out of the water. While Wendy grabs the candle and walks back to Doug and Joanna. Joanna works Doug to the ground and Wendy casts a spell over another painting. Joanna then throws it onto Doug when he tries to get up. He disappears inside it. Both sigh relieved at the thought it is over.

We see Doug inside a new painting with the four witches digging a hole in front of it. We're at aunt Marilyn's grave again. Ingrid suggests burning the picture, but Joanna quickly dismisses the idea, because Doug would die. And they don't do that. Freya for one doesn't mind him suffering. But Joanna believes the painting is safest here, with aunt Marilyn. The girls still can't believe everything that happened so far and Freya thinks being a witch sucks. Her mom hugs her, happy she's alive, but Freya says she's still mad at her. Though in a friendly way.

When they arrive back home Dash is sitting on the front porch. They all look dirty and tired and walk by without really saying much. Freya greets him. He's surprised and thinks it has something to do with her mom's arrest. She goes along, but says she's not worried, she knows her mom's innocent. He tries to offer help with finding a lawyer, but she admits they've already got it covered. They go inside and she throws herself on the bed. So happy to be lying there. Dash wonders again what's going on. She is scared he won't love her if he sees she's a mess, but he assures he will. He loves her no matter what. She's happy to hear that and kisses him.

Ingrid is reading the grimoire again, fearfully looking at the resurrection spell.

Joanna is dealing the tarots cards over and over again, hoping to see something change. Wendy approaches. Comforting her that everything will be all right and that they'll find a way to keep the girls alive as long as they can.

In their garden the Joanna look-a-like is lurking inside from behind a tree. She's not pleased. The shifter then cuts herself in the finger and draws the same symbol from before on the tree with her blood. The tree slowly starts to die.


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You can't just do that Ingrid. When you resurrect someone you love, someone you love has to die.
— Wendy to her niece Ingrid, after she resurrected her.


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  • The episode's original title was "R.I.P. Millicent Fenwick".

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