This page is a list of all the minor characters from Melissa de la Cruz's novels.

Blue Blood seriesEdit

Blue BloodsEdit

  • The drag queen & the security guard - the men who were responsible for the entrance at the Bank. The first was described as a clone of Elvira, with his entrance list and his scornful look. The second stopped Schuyler and Oliver from entering because he suspected they were under-age, but Schuyler unknowingly convinced him to let them in with suggestion.

Vampires of Manhattan seriesEdit

Beauchamp Family seriesEdit

Witches of East EndEdit

  • Chad Robinson - Tabitha Robinson's husband, with whom she'd been trying to have a child for years with no result, until Ingrid Beauchamp helped Tabitha with a magical knot and got her pregnant. He is disabled, which caused troubles for an adoption process.
  • Madame Grobadan - Bran and Killian's stepmother.
  • Dan Jerrods and Amanda Turner - a young, newly-wed couple, who came to the North Inn during their honeymoon. 
  • Becky and Ross Bauman - middle-aged couple recently wed and parents of a six-month old baby experiencing a tough break-up. The two of them are at the North Inn when Freya decides they are too good as a couple to part ways and therefore brews a little love cocktail to put them back together.
  • Natasha Mayles - a pretencious young woman from North Hampton who Freya doesn't like much. She was in a conversation with Ross Bauman at the bar when Freya brewed her love potions.

Serpent's KissEdit

Winds of SalemEdit

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