The Museum Benefit is a yearly event that takes place every Spring in North Hampton and serves as a fundraiser for the town's local Art institution. Freya Beauchamp met Bran Gardiner for the first time at this event.


Once, at the Museum Benefit yearly celebration, the beautiful Freya Beauchamp made quite an entrance when a strap of her dress snapped and made her trip on her heels... directly into the arms of Bran Gardiner, the handsome yong and rich philantropist who had just gotten into town. Embarrassed, and a little captivated by the vision of Freya's nudity, the young man tried to help her the best he could by pulling up the fabric which instead caused a small "hand-on-boob" incident. To stop his misery, Freya used magic and in the blink of an eye, everything was back into place. Then, the two of them properly introduced themselves to one another.


  • Bran, instead of asking Freya out, went to see her every day at the North Inn.
  • Freya asked him out since she thought they would be going nowhere if she didn't.

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