Nan Cutler
Birth date: February 12, 1917
Occupation: Warden
Status: Finished
Death: Slain by Kingsley Martin
Supernatural information
Species: Silver Blood
Angelic name: Harbonah, Angel of Annihilation
Past lives:
  • Aemilia Lepida (Rome)
  • Anna Stamersly (Newport)
Book Appearances
First seen: Masquerade
Last seen: The Van Alen Legacy
Nan Cutler was one of the Committee's Warden under Charles Force's and then Lawrence Van Alen's direction of the North American Coven. But it was later revealed she was one of the Silver Bloods hidden in plain sight and one of Lucifer's most trusted spies, responsible for the protection of the Dark Prince's daughter, Bliss Llewellyn. She was then put in charge of the kidnapping of the Pistis Sophia.

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