The Occult History of Sorcery (Une Histoire Occulte de la Sorcellerie in the French original version) is a historical book found by Ingrid Beauchamp in Dr. Frank Foster's collection that contains information about the history of witchcraft and sorcery. Most notably, the book even contains a chapter about the Beauchamp family.


This magic tome is very large and very thick, much more than the Grimoire. The pages are all written in French, with glowing letters and calligraphy. It appears mainly unharmed, though it must be an old book.


The book contains many details about the history of Witchcraft, and most notably, a whole chapter about the Beauchamp family called "Le Clan des Beauchamp" (the Beauchamp Clan), though how this information came into the book is unknown.

The chapter is introduced by the Beauchamp's family crest: the Tree of Life and the title: "Le Clan des Beauchamp". It then contains portraits of five Beauchamp women, Joanna as the Dagger, Wendy as the Bridge, Freya as the Traveller, Ingrid as the Key and another blond woman called the Gatherer.

It also describes more into details the power of the Key (Ingrid) and her four arcane powers.