The Order of the Seven is the group created under Michael's order after the Rome crisis to find and secure the paths that lead to Hell.


After Caligula, alias Lucifer, discovered the existence of the Paths of the Dead and tried to reach them in order to call upon the Demons and remaining Silver Bloods, Michael was convinced that it was safer to close all those Paths. He then asked for one member of each of the Seven ruling houses of the Conclave to locate the Paths and seal them behind Gates, held by the angelic power of the Blue Bloods.



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Metatron was the keeper of the Path of the Dead located in Rio de Janeiro, through which Gabrielle had sealed The Leviathan after hunting him. Metatron built the Gate of Vengeance around the path, at top of Corcovado. However, this Gate, as Leviathan's prison, was a solom bicallis, which means can only serve once ; once someone passes through it, the Gate closes once again.


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Araquiel was the keeper of the path located in Lutetia, the one Lucifer tried to misuse and was imprisoned through. But, as the path was known to the Silver Bloods, Araquiel managed to move the Path and the Gate of Time forged by Michael to New York. Many Silver Bloods had thought it was Michael who was its Gatekeeper.


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Alcyon was the keeper of the path located in Cairo. Assuming her role was important, she created several diversions to misguide the enemies, such as the Petruvian Order and the false Gate of Promise in Florence. Her Path was located by current-day Forsyth Llewellyn, who brought humans through the Gate to force them birth Nephilims in order to distract the Blue Bloods rather than trying to destroy it.


Following Schuyler's thoughts, Onbasius was a member of the Order of the Seven after Rome and was one of the Gatekeeper of the Paths of the Dead. Neither his present identity nor his Gate were mentioned though. She thought for a while he was Mahrus in current days, but she was proven wrong.


Pantaleum is one the three remaining members of the original Order of the Seven. Neither her present identity nor her Gate were mentioned though.


Octilla is one of the three remaining members of the original Order of the Seven. Neither her present identity nor her Gate were mentioned though.


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Gabrielle is not part of the Order of the Seven, but she rather created it with Michael. However, she was the only one aware of the existence of an eighth Path, leading to Paradise, and was the keeper of the Gate of Paradise, located in London. Even Michael was not aware of its existence. Nowadays, she gave the Gemini Key to Schuyler, making her the Guardian of the Gate, only one able to open it, and therefore realizing the prophecy made about her centuries ago.

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