The Plymouth Colony was the main group of Blue Blood European migrants that settled in the New World, in Plymouth, Massachussets. They came to the colony by crossing the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620.


While the women and children stayed on board of the boat, the men were sent to bring help to the Roanoke Colony, which had settled three years prior to them. But they only found devastation ; all the colonists had vanished. Only a notice remained, with "Croatan" written on it.

After the discovery of Roanoke's disappearance, the divide in the colony grew stronger, between the ones who feared the return of the Silver Bloods, and the ones who believed it was an accident ; that the Blue Bloods had left. And therefore, John Carver challenged the authority of the Regis, Myles Standish, in a White Vote, but he eventually lost, as everyone still believed in Michael, their leader, who had killed Lucifer a millenium ago. He and his wife were so banished from the Conclave.

Following this divide, several members of the colony went south to establish another coven in South America. But, in the end, many forgot about the Silver Bloods and believed the Roanoke massacre was nothing, and even began to forget about their true identity and their desire for redemption.

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