Reincarnation is the ability to be reborn after death. It is a very rare form of immortality, possessed so far by only four witches: sisters Ingrid and Freya Beauchamp, and brothers Dash and Killian Gardiner.


The power of reincarnation allows the witch who possess this power to be reborn after he or she has died. For example, each time Ingrid and Freya died, their mother Joanna would get pregnant again with Ingrid soon after, and then with Freya. 

The reason for Dash and Killian possessing this gift is yet unknown, but Ingrid and Freya both got this power after they were cursed by their grandfather, King Nikolaus. To make this gift the curse that it is, both of them are somehow doomed never to live past their thirtieth birthday.


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  • Dash and Killian's cycles of reincarnation follow closely Freya's own cycles.
    • If it is believed that Killian's soul follow Freya's because they are starcrossed, it is yet unknown why Dash's soul does too.

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