The Roanoke Colony was one of the first group of Blue Blood European puritans sent to the New World to establish itself and live there, on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.


During three years, they were left with no help from other vampires. But, when the Mayflower brought another group of Blue Bloods, with among them Charles Force, the new face of the archangel Michael, the expedition led to provide food supplies, medicines and equipments to the Roanoke colony revealed that it had vanished. Entirely ; no vampires were to be found ; no buildings, no animals - nothing. All that remained was a devastated hill.

Following that discovery, the Plymouth Colony began to divide into two sides : the ones that believed that the Silver Bloods had survived, like Catherine Carver, John Carver and William Fuller, and the ones that wanted to think it was impossible, led by Michael himself.


  • The first White Vote in History, opposing Myles Standish and John Carter over the question of the Silver Bloods' survival.
  • John Carter and his wife Catherine's exclusion from the Conclave.
  • John Carter's exile in his later lifetime (as Lawrence Van Alen).
  • A few members of the North American Coven began fearing the return of the Silver Bloods, supposedly after they were all banished in Hell or killed.

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