San Francisco is a town located on the west cost of the United States of America, mostly known for its giant red bridge. In the Blue Bloods novels, it is where Allegra Van Alen found her former high school crush, Stephen Chase, again - though she had previously run away from him. In the TV series, it is where Freya Beauchamp chose to spend one of her lives.



Freya and Henry in 1906.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Freya Beauchamp, a young and wild witch, chose to settle in San Francisco, where she opened a bar in which she used to serve her famous magic cocktails and tell the future to her customers. Far away from her mother Joanna, her sister Ingrid and her aunt Wendy, who had all decided to stay in East Haven, Freya met Henry, a young pianist with whom she fell in love, who turned out to be her soulmate. Her father Victor, who had avoided his family for the past centuries, occasionally visited her in this life.

However, as part of the Curse that the Beauchamps live with, when Ingrid died in 1906 in East Haven, Freya was bound to die before the following morning. And she died indeed, in the Great Earthquake of 1906, leaving Henry all alone.

While her twin and soon-to-be bondmate Charles Force was in town for business, Allegra Van Alen decided to wander around the streets. However, she noticed a painting which seemed familiar in the shop window of an art gallery... the painting was of herself, and she entered the gallery, intrigued.


  • San Francisco is also the town where the cult TV show Charmed was set.

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