This page lists all the spells used throughout the first season of Witches of East End.

Protection spellsEdit

Protection spell
  • Incantation: Contego, servo, vindico, protego. — ("Shield, preserve, defend, protect.")
  • Usage: Spell used by Joanna, Wendy, Freya and Ingrid to fight back the Malus Amplio and shield their home from dark magic.

Dream Control

  • Incantation: Delens somnium meum hominis. — ("Erase of my dream a man.")
  • Usage: Freya used this spell to help her stop dreaming about Killian. The spell requires a potion to be drank consisting of a bunch of the man's hair, ginger and anise seeds to be shaken while the incantation is spoken.

Spell of Light

  • Incantation: I meet you Darkness with my Light. Protecti sumus hodie lumen de tenebrae. — ("We are protected at the present day the Light from the Darkness.")
  • Usage: Wendy used this spell to counter act the wave of dark energy sent by Penelope to weaken them. Operating by fighting Darkness with Light, it involved Wendy sprinkling some herbs onto the dark energy in the manifestation of the crow. After it was performed, the crow disappeared.


  • Incantation: Benedicito. — ("God bless you.")
  • Usage: This spell was performed by Joanna, Wendy, Freya and Ingrid on Freya's wedding day to bless both her marriage and to counter Penelope's magic.

Deliverence Spell

  • Incantation: Pretium non solvatur, libera anima meam a servitude. Quia illud velle ita. Quia illud velle ita. — ("The price will not be repaid, deliver my soul from servitude. Because it will be so. Because it will be so.")
  • Usage: Ingrid used this spell in an attempt to avoid the repercussions of the resurrection spell she used to bring her aunt Wendy. She did it by kneeling in a drawn pentacle at the library, surrounded by candles and incanting the spell. However the spell didn't work, caused Ingrid severe pain and caused her arms to ice over. It would have killed her had Wendy not come to save her. 

Creation/Restoration spellsEdit

Fertility Spell
  • Incantation: Nostri incantatores facit fertilis semen. — ("Our spell makes fertile seed. ")
  • Usage: Spell Ingrid used to help her coworker to get pregnant.

Resurrection Spell

  • Incantation: Spiritus mundi mortuos suscitat. — ("The spirit of the world, raise the dead.")
  • Usage: Ingrid uses to resurrect Wendy. In the end the spell will claim the spirit of someone the caster holds dear to keep balance.

Renewing the Grimoire

  • Incantation: Convertérit libro isto. — ("Convert this book.")
  • Usage: Spell used on the ashes of the Grimoire by Joanna. The chest may be part of the spell.

Arthritic Healing Spell

  • Incantation: Sana manum mulieres huis. — ("Heal the hands of this woman.")
  • Usage: Joanna uses this spell to heal Edith, who probably had arthritis.

Releasing a Spirit

  • Incantation: Spiritus revertatur ad interitum. — ("Spirit will return to the afterlife.")
  • Usage: Ingrid and Freya use this spell to release Adam Noble and Elyse from this world and send them back to the Spirit World. The spell when done by Freya employed a pentagram made of flower petals on the ground. The spirit and the caster also join hands.

Revivification Spell

  • Incantation: Expergiscendum. — ("Awakening.")
  • Usage: The past incarnation of Ingrid used this spell to awaken the unconscious Wendy

Reversing a Resurrection

  • Incantation: Reverte! Reverte ad vestrum priorem statum. — ("Return! Return to your former state.")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell on the the past incarnation of Ingrid following her resurrection by Penelope.

Butterfly Revivification

  • Incantation: Revive papilio. — ("Revive butterfly.")
  • Usage: Wendy used this spell to resurrect the stolen Himalayan Stamped Crown she stole from Leo Wingate, which is assumed to have magical properties. While these properties are unknown, it is implied that they involve memory magic.

Restoration Spell

  • Incantation: With body, spirit and soul, this child again becomes whole. Restituo. Nativitas. Filia. — ("Restore. Birth. Daughter.")
  • Usage: This spell was used by Wendy, Ingrid and Joanna on Freya in an attempt to restore her powers. The spell took place at the beach and involved the three Witches surrounding Freya: Joanna gave the first part, then Wendy, Ingrid and Joanna each said a Latin word. They then levitated a branch and ignited it and took turns telekinetically passing it too each and lastly to Freya who failed to levitate it.

Healing Spell

  • Incantation: Haec vulnera sanaret lunaticus est scriptor. Sana, sana, sana. Sana, sana, sana. Sana, sana, sana. — ("These wounds heal, the writer is a lunatic. Heal, heal, heal. et al.")
  • Usage: Ingrid used this spell to heal Mike after he stabbed himself in the leg with an ax in an effort to force Ingrid to heal him to reveal she's a witch.

Power Spell

  • Incantation: Concorporo. — ("Incorporate")
  • Usage: Joanna and Victor attempted to use this spell on Freya to restore her powers. A very dangerous spell, it involves mixing the blood of the parents and the child to restore their power, that of the parents' overpowering the child. When the clasped their bleeding hands together and the spell was said, a red light began to eminate from the trio's hands and Freya began to experience excruciating pain. The spell's potential success is unknown as Joanna interrupted it.


Healing cuts

  • Incantation: Consuo. — ("Stitch.")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell to heal her daughter Freya after cutting her finger to extract her blood for the Magical "DNA" Testing spell.

Driving Out Demons

  • Incantation: Vade, daemonia. Animas vestras ad infernum remittitur. Dimitam... dimitam. Dimitam, dimitam. Sana glacies. Sana glacies. Sana glacies. Sana glacies. — ("Go demons. Your souls to hell are weakened. Release... release. Release, release. Heal the ice. Heal the ice. Heal the ice. Heal the ice.")
  • Usage: Wendy used this spell to save her niece Ingrid from being killed due to the spell she cast to avoid the consequences of her resurrection Spell.

Spiritual Restoration

  • Incantation: Restituo perspicientia. — ("Restore vision.")
  • Usage: Ingrid used this spell to restore Adam to his original appearance when the details of his death began to manifest.

Remembrance elixir

  • Usage: Ingrid used this spell to regain her memory of her former incarnation. She baked the spell into brownies, and when consumed they seemed to induce effects similar to certain recreational drugs and eventually caused her to feint. 

Identification/Localisation spellsEdit

Indentification Spell

  • Incantation: Dico me est hoc creatura humana. — (" Tell me is this the human being.")
  • Usage: Joanna used it to find out whether Dash was mortal or not.

Correction: The third person of the verb "Dicere" is "Dixit", so the correct form of this spell should be "Dixit me est hoc creatura humana."

Check-up Spell

  • Incantation: Fumus revelant veritatem. — ("Smoke reveals the truth.")
  • Usage: Used by Joanna, to check-up if Freya is still alive.

Scrying Spell

  • Incantation: Revelabunt tenebris nex. — ("Reveal the darkness of death.")
  • Usage: Joanna uses this spell at the sight that Bill Thatcher was killed by the Shifter, channeling the dark energy there to allow her to see the Shifter's next move.

Magical "DNA" Testing

  • Incantation: Reforma bit verum. — ("Reform, stating the truth.")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell on Freya after her powers had been stolen by Penelope, stating that when a spell is cast, it leaves a "magical fingerprint" that can be used to identify the caster. It involved extracting blood from the subject and creating a potion with it to be used as paint on canvas. After the blood made paint dries, it will eventually reveal black smearing on the skin of the spell's caster, after which they say the spell, causing the red to be covered with a viscous black goo which will separate and reform to show the face of the one who cast the spell on the subject.

Elemental spellsEdit

Solidifying Spell

  • Incantation: Aquae facient solidae. — ("The waters become solid.")
  • Usage: Used by Doug to captive Freya in water. Candle that is used in spell must stay light.

Watering Spell

  • Incantation: Aspergo! — ("Splash!")
  • Usage: Used by Wendy to make the watering can water the flowers on its own so that she could continue conversing with Joanna without distraction.

Lightning spell

  • Incantation: Ignavite! — ("Shock!")
  • Usage: Used by Penelope to knock Joanna unconscious.

Heating the Water

  • Incantation: Calor aqua. — ("The heat of the water.")
  • Usage: Freya used this spell to heat the water in the pool at Fairhaven. 

Blade of Fire

  • Incantation: Cultrum incalescere. — ("Heat the knife.")
  • Usage: This spell was used by Joanna to call forth a blade and seemingly infuse it with the power of fire. Used in combination to the Incineration spell.

Incineration Spell

  • Incantation: Cinis cineris! — ("Ashes to ashes!")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell to kill Archibald Browning by stabbing him with the knife blessed with the Blade of Fire spell. When stabbed, it appeared to incinerate Archibald from within.


Painting Opening Spell
  • Incantation: Mysticum flamma aperire pictura. — ("Mystical flame to open the picture.")
  • Usage: Spell used by the shapeshifter to free a man from the painting.

Devouring Picture Spell

  • Incantation: Misticum pictura devorare nos — ("Mystical painting devour us!")
  • Usage: Spell which traps someone into a painting.

Trapping painting Spell

  • Incantation: Mysticum pictura absorbuerit eum — ("Mystical picture, swallow him.")
  • Usage: Used by Wendy, to trap Doug in the picture. Presumably the same spell was used on Doug when first trapped in the painting.

Releasing Spell

  • Incantation: Dimite serpens. — ("Release the snake.")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell in a failed attempt to unlatch the Serpens Clavem from the arm of Wendy.

Sealing Spell

  • Incantation: Claude ianuas! — ("Close the doors!")
  • Usage: Joanna used this spell to seal off the house to prevent Wendy (under the influence of the Serpens Clavem) from leaving the house to go to the portal.

Opening Spell

  • Incantation: Aperite! — ("Open!")
  • Usage: Wendy used this spell in a failed attempt to free herself from Joanna's sealing spell.

Liberation Cast

  • Incantation: Libera vinculis! — ("Free the bonds!")
  • Usage: While under the influence of the Serpens Clavem, Wendy used this spell to free herself from being restrained by her sister's spell on the sweaters to capture her.

Unsealing Spell

  • Incantation: Ianua. — ("Admission.")
  • Usage: Used by Joanna to unseal the house so that she could destroy the Serpens Clavem. 

Spell of Submission

  • Incantation: Corpus dole! Manete! — ("The body is in pain! Stay!")
  • Usage: Ingrid used this spell on Mike to restrain him (as well as to warn him) so that she could flee his apartment.

Wandering Spell

  • Usage: Joanna used this spell on Athena Browning and two women of Archibald's coven to banish them from East End and make it so that they could never find the town again. Although it took decades, Athena finally broke through Joanna's spell and returned to East End under the identity of Penelope Gardiner.

Dark/Harmful MagicEdit

Breaking bones

  • Incantation: Fractura. — ("Fracture.")
  • Usage: This spell was used by Ingrid to break a man's fingers at the library when he advance to attack her.

Burning Spell

  • Incantation: Ustulo. Ustulo rivulus! — ("Burn. Burn stream!")
  • Usage: This spell was used by the past incarnation of Ingrid on her aunt Wendy. She did the spell by dipping her hands into water and incanted it while moving her hand up and down Wendy's arms, the burns manifesting following the touch in streaks up Wendy's arms.

Venom Hex

  • Incantation: Flore...pulchre. Flore...veneficus. — ("Bloom...beautifully. The poisonous flowers...")
  • Usage: This spell was used by Penelope to revive and enchant a bouquet of roses, which she delivered to Freya. One of the thorns pricked her finger and entered her bloodstream, causing her to experience symptoms similar to a slow acting anaphylactic shock.

Laceration Spell

  • Incantation: Lacera. — ("Torn.")
  • Usage: By tracing his, Joanna's and Freya's hands with his finger and incanting the spell, Victor was able to cause a cut to appear. They did this in an effort to restore Freya's powers.

Spell of Darkness

  • Incantation: Tenebris magicae infirmarent hostem! — ("Dark magic weaken the enemy!")
  • Usage: Penelope used this spell to attack the Beauchamps with Dark Magic in order to weaken them. At night, Penelope stood outside before a cauldron within a circle of lit black candles. She added a necklace on the first word, a feather on the second and a metal Malus Amplio on the third. After she was done, a murder of crows flew from the cauldron to send after the Beauchamps.


  • Ingredients: Red brick dust, blackthorn and yarrow.
  • Usage: This mystical method of capture has been used twice thus far: once by the past incarnation of Ingrid on Wendy and a second time by Penelope on Joanna. By forming a circle around the victim, their movement is inhibited and they cannot use thier powers, until the circle is broken. 

Youth Spell

  • Incantation: Spiritus obscuri da viriditatum. — ("Spirit of the dark give energy.")
  • Usage: Requires a potion made from Feverfox, the other ingredients, if any, being unknown. Archibald Browning and the past incarnation of Ingrid on one of their disciples to restore her to youth. By clasping their hands around her and chanting the spell, Edith was subject to extreme pain but was restored to vitality. However the spell went wrong and she died soon after. 

Absorption Spell

  • Incantation: Vinum attenuat...eam. Potionem hang tollam viribus tuis. Dona mihi...ero — (" weakens. With this potion, I take your power. Grant to me...I will be.")
  • Usage: Black candles, wine, another Witch as a victim and a chalice are requiered. Penelope Gardiner used this spell on Freya to drain her powers. She started by lighting a black candle and pouring red wine into a chalice while chanting. She then laid Freya out on the floor after she lost consciousness, surrounded by black candles, and crouched near her. She then drank from the chalice and continued chanting. Finally, she smeared the liquid across Freya's lips and breathed in her power. After she died, the spell broke, returning the power unto Freya.
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