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This article is about Tabitha Robinson, the character from Melissa de la Cruz' novels.
You were maybe looking for the character from Lifetime's
Witches of East End series; see Barb.
Tabitha Robinson
Biographical information
Home: North Hampton
Occupation: Librarian
Species: Mortal
Status: Alive
First seen: Witches of East End
Last seen: Winds of Salem
Tabitha Robinson is a middle-aged librarian at the North Hampton Library and therefore a co-worker and friend of Ingrid Beauchamp.


Tabitha is described as a bright and cheerful middle-aged woman with a passion for children's literature.She is said by Ingrid to be efficient and professional, despite her weakness for romance novels featuring shirtless hunks on the cover.


For a couple of years, Tabitha and her husband have been trying to have a baby, but they kept failing at it - either through the regular way or through adoption and in-vitro procedure. Desperate, Tabitha had been thinking of giving up trying to be a mother, until Ingrid gave her confidence and helped with some secret knot.


With Ingrid BeauchampEdit

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