Wendy's Necklace is a mystical object that indicates Wendy Beauchamp's status, though the reason why has never been explained.


Wendy's necklace is a golden pendant which she wears all the time, even in her shifted cat form. It is composed of two gems, one in an oval shape and the other, larger than the first, shaped as a drop.

The magical pendant's colour depends on Wendy's status. Back before she left Asgard and was cursed by her father, King Nikolaus, the pendant had a blue colour.[1] But after the curse was put on her, the pendant took a green colouring, showing that she was not immortal anymore but was instead given only nine lives. Now that she is on her last life, Wendy's necklace has become red.


Other than indicating Wendy's life status, the pendant has yet to show any other role. However, it is believed that Wendy's sister, Joanna, uses it as a tool to find Wendy when she needs her or wants to know where she is - and she did so when Wendy was attacked by a revived 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp.[2]


  • Why she has this necklace or why it is linked to her is unknown.