The White Vote is a vote allowed by the Code of Vampires, which was written by the archangel Gabrielle. The White Vote enables a member of the coven who doubts its leadership to challenge the Regis in a Vote, the winner becoming (or remaining) Regis of the Coven.


In PlymouthEdit

  • John Carver VS Myles Standish (Regis) - after the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony, the Plymouth colony was divided between the ones who believed that the Silver Bloods had somehow returned and the ones who followed Myles and were sure that the "vanished colony" had just moved to some better place. This led to a White Vote, opposing John Carver to Myles Standish, the latter eventually winning.

Current daysEdit

  • Cushing Carondolet VS Charles Force (Regis) - Cushing Carondolet first challenged Charles Force in his leadership after the disappearance of a few young Blue Bloods and the murder of his own daughter, Aggie Carondolet. But, Charles Force was not defeated, and the Carondolet lost their place in the Conclave.
  • Lawrence Van Alen VS Charles Force (Regis) - After the assault in the Repository, which led to the death of Elder Priscilla Dupont, Lawrence Van Alen once again challenged his son, just as he did four centuries before, but this time, he won the Vote.

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